Things to Consider

Determine your outcome:

Before creating a training program, it is good to determine what the desired outcomes will be. That way, you will know when you have been successful. Is the goal to have the students open their own business? work alongside you sharing a regional service area? pick up some of the background tasks that are piling up in the office? punch a time card while doing a meaningful task?

Identify your learner:

In order to properly design your training program, you will need to know and understand the learner. In some cases, you won’t be able to choose who will receive training for the person might have already been identified. Perhaps the person selected is not motivated to learn the task for reasons other than obtaining employment. However, you might be blessed with the ability to assist someone with specific skills, abilities, or high motivation to learn from you.

Identify the task which needs to be taught:

Once you decide what the subject matter should be, you will need to determine whether or not it can be done in one training unit or should it be taught through staggered development.

Identify the way your learner takes in new information:

Each of us has a unique learning style. One may learn best by watching someone else do things, another learns best by reading a manual and then tackling the job, still another may learn best through self-discovery. If your training is to be effective, you need to discover the learner’s style of learning and adapt your teaching to that style. Often a training program which addresses a blend of styles is the most successful.