Training Others

Why would you want to take time out of your busy schedule and teach someone else how to do the task? Because in the long-run, there are great rewards. You will have applied your leadership skills to get the task done, utilized the abilities of others to lighten the overall workload, and you help other people grow and become successful. You could say because it is spiritual, practical and efficient, and the “right thing to do.”

As we talk of passing on knowledge and skills to another, three terms come to mind:

Delegation: Empowering someone else to bring about or achieve a result on your behalf. It allows others to use and develop their knowledge and skills to the full potential.

Training: Focusing on improving knowledge or skills related to an individual’s current job performance.

Development: Gradually preparing individuals for future responsibilities through training.

Teaching someone to take over a task can sometimes be a challenge because it requires giving up control or having confidence in the abilities of others. Sometimes there is an issue of (lack of) trust. In a situation where the training has to cross cultures, there are other challenges to be considered.

Things to Consider

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